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21st Century BodyWork

Twenty-first century BodyWork is a compilation of “the best of” whatever happened prior to the year 2000. The evolutionary journey and developmental process of understanding the body has moved from the concrete physical to once again include the invisible world of energetic flows and dimensions. Sophisticated technology continually reveals information that expands awareness of what it means to be alive. Practitioners are constantly exploring new realms and learning new ways to improve and maintain well-being and good health.

Twenty-first century BodyWork is cutting edge. Therapists are pushing the envelope on definitions and traditional notions of touch and concepts of what is being touched. Flesh is more than tissue; anatomy is more than structure; physiology is more than function. Current practice recognizes that the interaction of all the elements is more dynamic and vast than our historical and present-day understanding.

Global Fusion

What developed over the last 180 years in private practice, spas, resorts, health clubs and medical centers throughout Europe and the U.S. appears today alongside and integrated with BodyWork approaches from the East and healing traditions of indigenous populations from around the world. This global fusion has created the need to identify the broader ground that forms the philosophical and technical basis for the multitude and variety of touch modalities available today.

TouchAbilities® provides such a ground.