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Our mission is to disseminate information and start a movement to globally change the essence and quality of touch education;

  • to revolutionize and integrate the touch field by encouraging all healthcare educational institutions to include in their curricula a foundational program for developing touch skills;
  • to awaken people to the delight and excitement of conscious touch with caring intent;
  • to create a stronger, healthier, more holistically connected and integrated professional and profession;
  • to promote integrative practice and open lines of communication across all healing professions.

To achieve these goals, we developed the TouchAbilities curriculum, designed a TouchAbilities Teacher Training program and wrote the TouchAbilities textbook, in which we present a central unifying body of knowledge and identify the commonalities and basic guiding principles that are shared by everyone using touch skills – be it students, teachers, therapists or the lay public.

Healing practices may be individual and unique, but they are more alike than different: practitioners are using the same skill set, the main difference is the intent and specific way in which these core skills are being expressed.