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Program: BodyWork Program

Course Number: TA101
Course Name: Touchabilities Skill Development Module
Total Semester Units: 3 – 5
Total Hours: 45 – 75
Theory/Lecture/Application/Lab Hours: 45 – 75

Catalog Description of the Module:

TouchAbilities® is an integral approach to BodyWork that teaches the core and fundamental knowledge base of therapeutic massage. This subject introduces 26 specific skills in 8 categories which represent universal and recurring concepts from varied schools of thought. These foundational touch skills form the basis of all BodyWork modalities. This basic skillset of touch options incorporates the physical skills of soft tissue manipulation as well as the subtler skills regarding tangible and intangible, multidimensional aspects of the body. These skills can be applied individually and are more usually combined with other skills to create specialized techniques.
Co-requisite: TA100 Professional Foundation Module


Burman, Friedland, TouchAbilities TouchAbilities® Essential Connections, Thomson Delmar Learning 2006
ISBN-13: 978-1-4180-4833-4
ISBN-10: 1-4180-4833-X

Student Supplies:

Massage table, stool or chair, linens, lubricant

[ See complete course details by downloading the TA 101 Outline pdf file. ]