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TouchAbilities: Essential Connections, is a first-of-its-kind text which offers a unified theory of BodyWork and examines the core characteristics of the many modalities practiced today. Presenting a common language for all touch practitioners, it distills all major BodyWork techniques into a familiar palette of touch options from which modalities can be created and developed. Using simple and practical examples, it navigates through universal and recurring concepts and techniques that are represented in myriad schools of thought.

Features of the text:

  • lays out fundamental concepts
  • identifies a common core skill set
  • introduces a new BodyWork lexicon
  • highlights universal body mechanics principles
  • discusses ergonomics, effects, and presence
  • presents SenseAbilities™ – a sense awareness vocabulary
  • links and correlates TouchAbilities skills with over 30 modalities
  • includes writings by leading practitioners and teachers

The TouchAbilities textbook reframes the definition and practice of touch in a user friendly format that is both clear and thought-provoking. With the use of engaging illustrations and multi-dimensional content, this integral and informative text is changing the way touch is taught, learned and perceived.