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Body: an intricate multidimensional complex of systems and energy fields associated with an organism including and extending beyond the physical plane; incorporates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual essence integrating anatomy, physiology and energy; a living form that is defined and animated by its amorphous, ever-changing energetic nature and the vibrating, pulsating, dynamic mechanisms of its physicality.

BodyMap: based on specific BodyViews; every perspective has its particular map of the territory.

Body mechanics: the use of energy and physical structure in the performance of a task; “Good” body mechanics is an art, a seamless flow of combinations of posture, balance, direction, locomotion, stillness, strength, intention and angle.

BodyView: a general approach through which to “see” a body.

BodyWork: as a profession, BodyWork is characterized by the collection of systems, modalities, designed to interact with the body in support of balance and good health; as an action, it is the skillful, intentional application of the techniques of any of the modalities within the profession.

Entrainment: being in step or in synch with; matching; mutual attraction and reciprocal response; the ability of a strong rhythmic vibration to cause a less powerful rhythmic vibration to
synchronize with it.

Field of engagement: an interpersonal field established between beings; a place of interfacing edges; the connection between individuals where the composite elements of their bodies interact.

Listening hand: an interactive feedback loop using conscious, sensitive, responsive touch; tuning in to communicate and respond to messages from the body and monitor the impact of BodyWork applications.

Mastery: competence, proficiency, the possession of profound knowledge; a combination of skill, wisdom and expertise; a level of excellence; high-level integration of skill, focus and strategy.

Modality: the method of application of a therapeutic agent or regimen; a system comprised of a selection and organization of touch skills, based on a particular viewpoint or organizing principle, applied to a body to effect an intended outcome. Modalities include a variety of philosophical approaches, theoretical frameworks, and specific combinations of skills.

Multidimensional: relating to or marked by several dimensions. (A dimension is a level of consciousness, existence or reality); a unit comprised of quantities, qualities, aspects and variables.

Palpation: feeling or perceiving through the senses

Presence: a state of attention and awareness that is mindful and alert and “in the moment.”

Proprioception: the ability to receive stimuli produced within our own body; “the awareness of posture, movement and changes in equilibrium and the knowledge of position, weight and
resistance of objects in relation to one’s own body.”

Resonance: the frequency at which an object most naturally vibrates (bones, tissues, organs and every other part of the body have a specific resonant frequency); vibrations of one vibrating body reach out and influence the vibrations of another body.

SenseAbilities: a variety of possible sense experiences; a context for sensations that might be experienced when engaged in BodyWork; a sense vocabulary to define experience and promote awareness.

Skills: proficiency, facility, or dexterity that is acquired or developed through training or experience; the basic core elements of TouchAbilities®; the fundamental ways in which people can inter- act with each other; can be applied individually create specialized techniques.

Wave: a rolling or undulating movement or one of a series of such movements passing along the surface of, or through matter in all its forms.